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  • Christina Denham

Retraining an off-the-track thoroughbred for a new career in amateur hunters

I am so excited to kick off our CMR blog with a series of articles based on our experience with retraining a thoroughbred racehorse to be an amateur hunter. While I know this isn't new material by any stretch of the imagination, I feel that we have something that's both unique and useful to offer since we will be presenting this material from the perspective of an amateur! I will be working with Julie Jensen, an older adult amateur and member of our barn family, to bring you the story of Willa; a former racehorse turned amateur hunter.

In the articles to follow, we will walk you through the selection process focusing on what to look for in an off-the-track horse. I will then move on to the let down and restarting process from ground training, backing and basic under saddle training through more advanced flat work. Next, we will build on the solid foundation we've established as we start Willa over ground poles, small cross rails and simple gymnastics. We will then move on to

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